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Secure Communications for Banking and Finance

Secure communication is essential to building and maintaining trust with customers. Customers expect banks to keep their information safe and secure, and failure to do so can lead to a loss of confidence and reputation damage.

Cellcrypt provides banks and financial institutions with a secure, compliant, and cost-effective solution for mobile communication, helping to enhance productivity, customer trust, and competitive advantage.

The Advantages of Secure Communications for Banking

Use secure instant messaging as a means of communicating with their customers, including high-net-worth, private banking clients.

Make encrypted calls directly with customers on their mobile phone, wherever they are, without incurring costly mobile charges for the bank or the customer even when the client is traveling or is resident in another country.

Securely send and receive account-related correspondence directly to the user’s mobile device or PC.

Avoid, lengthy security question and answer sessions at the start of the call to identify and authenticate the client.

A secure mechanism for the client to authorize a financial transaction on their mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

For all communications, voice, and data, with the customer to be fully protected against eavesdropping or interception.

Cellcrypt's full range of services can be enabled within the existing IT and telecoms infrastructure, avoiding the need for an expensive rip-and-replace strategy.
Strong Encryption for Voice, Messaging and File Sharing

Cellcrypt leads the industry in delivering multi-layered, high-grade encryption for voice/conference calls, instant messaging, and file sharing. The platform utilizes standards-based protocols for optimized delivery of encrypted real-time content between mobile devices even across low-bandwidth wireless networks.

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Complete Privacy and Trust for Bank/Client Communications
Cellcrypt is the complete solution for trusted mobile banking communications, providing secure, real-time instant messaging, voice/conference calling and secure file transfer, between bank and client, protected by strong, authenticated, end-to-end encryption.

Combining high-grade security with the ease of use of a consumer app, with Cellcrypt you can talk to your most sensitive and valuable clients with the knowledge and peace of mind that your communications are completely private.

Cellcrypt requires no customer training or configuration, ensuring fast and easy acceptance, and the product can be white-labeled in your banks' brand identity to ensure customer confidence.


Eliminating the need for lengthy challenge/ response identification improves the customer experience substantially, while call times are reduced, resulting in significant costs savings for the bank.

Cellcrypt also provides a cryptographically secure
one-time-PIN (OTP) functionality that enables a customer to authorize a financial or other account transaction directly from their mobile device.

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