The Cost of Industrial Espionage

Before we examine the risks and threats around Industrial Espionage, we should take a look at the prize twinkling in the gimlet eyes of the global state run and independent hacking organizations. Forget your clichés of 70’s spook shows, with men in overcoats rifling through filing cabinets. It’s now more Macs than macs, and it’s big business. America doesn’t just make things, it makes ideas. For proof of this, let’s take the assessment of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Way back in their March 2012 Intellectual Property and the U.S. Economy: Industries in Focus report. The USPTO released their estimates, based on their 2010 data. Their findings stated that IP-intensive indu

Cellcrypt is updated for instant, encrypted conference calling and enterprise-driven enhancements fo

Communication Security Group (CSG), the leader in secure, encrypted voice calls and real-time messaging, today unveiled security and functionality updates to Cellcrypt ( The Cellcrypt app is a complete solution that enterprises and government agencies use for secure voice calls, private instant messaging and encrypted file transfers on mobile devices. Unlike many popular consumer messaging and voice apps, Cellcrypt allows enterprises to retain complete control and internal management of corporate communications activity. Most notably, CSG has made enhancements to the Cellcrypt app’s group messaging and conference calling functionality. Users can now set up instant, ad-h

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