SMS: Secure Messaging… Sometimes.

Warnings about taxis are commonplace, and pretty sensible fare, if you’ll forgive the pun. Make sure it’s licenced, check who’s driving is on the ID, keep tabs on where they’re actually taking you, that kind of thing. However, you can now add SMS fraud to the list. Uber users in the UK are being warned about a scam whereby they receive a text informing them that their trip has been “booked for 217 GBP” and then giving them a link to click on if they did not in fact book this trip. The unwitting individuals who do click the link are then sent to a fake payment site that will collect their bank details, to be used or sold on as the fraudsters like. It’s hardly the first such SMS attack in r

What's up at WhatsApp?

It’s being called Turkey’s WhatsApp coup – which pretty much says it all. Putting aside the whys and wherefores of the political situation, and viewed purely as a technical issue, the failed coup is a serious black eye for WhatsApp’s claims of security, encryption and privacy protection. The situation came to light when Turkey’s state-run media outlets published transcripts of the WhatsApp conversations between the high-ranking military officers planning the coup. As the SC Magazine headline says, it absolutely does put “WhatsApp in the spotlight.” The question remains as to how the Turkish government obtained the messages, with speculation rife as to whether it was a security flaw, de

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