Is Yahoo now a verb?

You have to feel for Yahoo – there was a time they seemed to have the keys to the kingdom. Now, if you Google them, you’ll see a litany of bad news stories. And with the Verizon deal of $4.8 billion on the table, that’s bad news indeed. At a hosted tech conference on Wednesday Wall Street Journal, Marni Walden, a Verizon executive vice president, and their president of Product Innovation and New Businesses, referred to the proposed deal, saying "I've got an obligation to make sure that we protect our shareholders and our investors, so we're not going to jump off a cliff blindly." Not exactly inspiring words from a potential investor… But why has this tech giant found itself in such a p

Congratulations to Diverse Choreography’s Dancin' On The Sidewalk

We were thrilled to see Diverse Choreography Performing Arts School & Event Choreography win Best Local Theatrical or Music Performance Winner at the Time Out Dubai Kids Awards 2016. You can see the Dancin’ On The Sidewalk video below, featuring the finest young talent Dubai has to offer. The team also did a fantastic job of raising money for charity, happily donating program and t-shirt proceeds of 7000 AED to the extremely worthy cause, Save The Children. We were pleased to make sponsoring the performance part of CSG’s charity activities, and even more pleased to see them win in such style. This piece also gives me the opportunity to mention another schools’ initiative CSG is spearheading

It’s tough at the top when you’re dealing with fraud

CEO fraud, Business Email Compromise, even Bogus Boss attacks; whatever you choose to call them, they’re on the rise, and represent a huge threat to organizations around the world. For those of you unfamiliar with the phenomenon, it is a form of social engineering in which fraudsters target a business with phishing attacks aimed at persuading them to make large money transfers to fake bank accounts. They tend to take three main forms, with the attackers pretending to be: the company boss, who instructs staff to make a wire transfer a bank’s IT department, making contact to set up a test transfer – which actually goes through a supplier chasing outstanding invoices The attacks can take adv

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