"5 Best Cyber Security Companies To Watch 2020" The Silicon Review

Proud to share that Cellcrypt and Communication Security Group Inc. has been selected in the "5 Best Cyber Security Companies To Watch 2020" by The Silicon Review. Read Adam's insightful interview here:

5G and China: lessons from a surveillance nation

The advent of the 5G age is now truly upon us. Although the locations where signal is available may still be limited, the main four carriers in the US now offer 5G connectivity, and it is increasingly becoming a reality in countries around the world. The benefits of this expanded 5G network will be considerable, with faster speeds and more reliable connections. Average download speeds of around 1Gbps are expected to soon be the norm, with up to 15 – 20 Gbps possible. Increased speed in transmissions and lower latency will dramatically increase capacity for remote execution – less internal memory will be required in-device as more work is done in the cloud. This will of course be a boon to th

Secure Communications Across Voice, Messaging and Files with Military-Grade Encryption:Cellcrypt

“Encryption is an arena that can't be bluffed. You're either at the top of your game, or you're not in the game at all.” From financial planning to employee and customer personal information, businesses have a responsibility to ensure the protection and privacy of a range of data. While malware protection and anti-virus software are commonplace for any IT department, many organizations are overlooking a key risk point. Non-secure mobile communication is placing data at a greater risk than ever before, with freemium consumer applications offering little to no protection at all. Click here to read the full article.

Everyone’s Talking About Zoom… But Who’s Listening in?

A couple of months ago few people would have heard of Zoom, let alone be relying on it for social interaction or as a professional tool. Awareness and use of the platform has grown exponentially, from 10 million daily meeting participants in December to 200 million in March. But it seems most of these users don’t fully understand the nature of the tool they’re using or the associated risks. Last week the UK government was lambasted when Prime Minister Boris Johnson, self-isolating having been confirmed to have Covid-19, tweeted a picture of a virtual cabinet meeting using Zoom and even with the meeting ID clearly visible. In contrast, New York City’s Department of Education has responded to

Cybercriminals exploit Coronavirus and remote working response

Cybercriminals are capitalising on the Covid-19 driven move to work-from-home. Global authorities are urging businesses to be vigilant and do whatever they can to combat this threat. The FBI has issued a public service announcement stating “Scammers are leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic to steal your money, your personal information, or both. Don’t let them.” In addition to issuing their own warning about the vulnerability of teleworking, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol) cited the example of a hospital in the Czech Republic that reported a cyberattack which “forced the hospital to shut down its entire IT network, postpone urgent surgical interventions and re

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