Try Cellcrypt with a few users on your team to experience how quickly and easily you can start communicating and collaborating securely. 

Simply fill in the form and we will start setting up your 14-day trial. While this is being set up, you can download the Cellcrypt app for your device, register, and start using Cellcrypt immediately.  
Please lookout for an email from us requesting the email addresses of up to five people to join your trial. We will invite them.
Remember to register in the Cellcrypt app using the same email address you have provided in the trial form so that we can extend your use of Cellcrypt.
You can only use the Cellcrypt app for up to five (5) days unless you have registered for an extended trial. 
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Start a Cellcrypt Conference Call from your smartphone at any time.
Select participants from your phone’s contacts list
Press call and the bridge is created, connecting you directly
The other participants get a message to join the call