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Protection of internal and client communications for the legal sector

For law firms dealing with highly sensitive, often mission-critical information, the protection
of client privacy is paramount, and any data leakage can be disastrous for the reputations of all involved.

There are growing instances of firms’ communications being targeted by unauthorized parties, ranging from unscrupulous business rivals to international governments. It is an issue that insurers are waking up to, with currently generous indemnity terms sure to change.


In many countries, regulations will soon force action from law firms. Against this backdrop, it is clear that the industry needs to do more to protect itself and its clients.


Download the Law case study

Find out how Cellcrypt helped a leading multinational law firm to protect their communications and clients, improve their service model and operate more efficiently, with encrypted messaging, voice, conference calling and document sharing for mobile and desktop.

Secure Communications with Military-Grade Encryption for
Voice and Conference Calls, Messaging and File/Document Sharing


With Cellcrypt, law firms can:

Share sensitive information securely via real-time messaging and file transfer with colleagues and clients across end-to-end, military-grade encryption.

Achieve significant cost savings in dealing with international clients by eliminating long-distance and roaming charges and removing the need to travel for sensitive discussions.

Carry out secure mobile voice, and scheduled and ad-hoc conference calls anytime, anywhere, protected from eavesdropping and interception.

Communicate securely in real-time from any smartphone, tablet or PC across existing internet connections and VoIP.

Avoid the risks, increasing costs and reputational damage of sending sensitive documents via insecure emails.

Demonstrate to colleagues and clients that the protection of their communications and data is your top priority.

Cellcrypt's full range of encrypted mobile and desktop communications can be quickly and easily implemented across firms’ and clients’ existing infrastructure. 
Secure document sharing


It is well established that email is not secure, with communications vulnerable across sender and recipient devices, networks, and servers. Every email will pass through dozens of servers, where the message is stored and forwarded on its way to the recipient. If just one connection is insecure, the entire sequence and your email may be compromised.


Cellcrypt enables users to not only communicate securely via voice and messaging, but share large documents and files safe in the knowledge that they are fully encrypted and protected.

White-labeled mobile and desktop apps for your firm



Cellcrypt can be completely white-labeled to your brand, so you can show your clients that their security is your number one priority. With secure messaging, voice, conference calling and document sharing at the touch of a button.

Verizon Voice Cypher Ultra
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