New revenue 


Cellcrypt’s secure application can help both increase ARPU and reduce churn.

Data efficient


Cellcrypt provides an efficient data application with secure messaging and VoIP to extend the providers
core offering. 

Grow your services 


Cellcrypt is an easy-to-use secure mobility app, that extends to desk phones, secure conferencing, desktop messaging and document sharing.

Industry vertical extensions 


For example, Cellcrypt can replace traditional banking transactional notices with bulk encrypted end-to-end data messaging. Mobile Banking or VPN access points can be enhanced with a secure One Time Pins.



The Cellcrypt architecture has both a low technology footprint and engagement requirements for carriers. The app provides high availability and is extremely scalable. 

Enhance your brand 


Offering adaptable white labeling and branding
across all platforms – Android, iOS, BB and
Windows Mobile.

Extend your market


The Cellcrypt application can interoperate amongst disparate networks, therefore extending the traditional reach of carriers beyond their own.

Get ahead of demand


The rising media profile of encryption will inevitably lead to greater demand for solutions; acting sooner will improve your competitive advantage.

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