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Cellcrypt is updated for instant, encrypted conference calling and enterprise-driven enhancements for secure mobile communicationss
April 08, 2016


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – April 7, 2016 – Communication Security Group (CSG), the leader in secure, encrypted voice calls and real-time messaging, today unveiled security and functionality updates to Cellcrypt ( The Cellcrypt app is a complete solution that enterprises and government agencies use for secure voice calls, private instant messaging and encrypted file transfers on mobile devices. Unlike many popular consumer messaging and voice apps, Cellcrypt allows enterprises to retain complete control and internal management of corporate communications activity.


Most notably, CSG has made enhancements to the Cellcrypt app’s group messaging and conference calling functionality. Users can now set up instant, ad-hoc group conference calls from their phone’s contacts list as easily as making a regular call. Scheduled conference calls are also hassle free, with automatic invitation emails, no need for long passwords/pins or local dial-in numbers. The call initiator retains total control, via a web UI that provides a full attendee overview, with the ability to invite new participants and mute or even eject participants on the call.


The update also sees the addition of the Cellcrypt Voice Gateway, which allows Cellcrypt users to connect securely with existing office phone systems and utilize PBX functions such as voicemail, call transfer and calls out to the public telephone network. The Voice Gateway enables secure calls and conferencing with Cellcrypt mobile users directly from an office phone or call center. Not only does this ensure the confidentiality of sensitive communications, but it reduces calling costs by eliminating international roaming and long distance charges.


CSG also announced today that Cellcrypt has been certified to the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 standard. Governed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the certification validates the application has met the high encryption standards required by government agencies and large enterprises for adoption.


The privacy of mobile communications has become a widespread and pressing concern for enterprises, government agencies and consumers alike. Popular consumer messaging and voice apps simply do not provide the deep level of security or the safeguards for enterprise and government related communications.


Messages and calls that are exchanged on these platforms are outside of organizations’ visibility and control, which is a major concern. This is especially the case for financial services companies and healthcare organizations that are highly regulated and can face large fines and penalties for not complying with the many regulations and guidelines (such as HIPAA and FINRA) for archiving and retaining electronic communications.


Cellcrypt provides military-grade and authenticated end-to-end encryption, with crystal-clear voice quality and incredible low-latency, combined with the ease of use of a consumer-focused app. Cellcrypt can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and requires no user training, enabling fast and easy adoption across the enterprise. Voice calls, messages and file transfers are fully encrypted and are routed through the mobile device’s data connection, helping reduce business calling expenses.


“Employees are making work-related calls on their mobile phones and sending text messages to colleagues at an increasing rate, but conducting these activities over consumer apps makes their enterprise incredibly vulnerable,” said John Robusto, CEO of CSG. “Cellcrypt is a secure and complete mobile communication solution that your employees will love to use every day. With our latest release, we are extending governments and enterprises the opportunity to make their business communications both safer and more secure than ever.”


For more than eight years, Cellcrypt has been used to provide secure, trusted communications for governments and enterprises worldwide and has led the market in secure, instant messaging and encrypted voice calls. In 2008, it became the world's first secure mobile-to-mobile IP-based software-only solution and has continued to surpass historic milestones since then, including becoming the world's first interoperable secure messaging application between Blackberry, iPhone, Windows and Android in 2011.


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