Congratulations to Diverse Choreography’s Dancin' On The Sidewalk

We were thrilled to see Diverse Choreography Performing Arts School & Event Choreography win Best Local Theatrical or Music Performance Winner at the Time Out Dubai Kids Awards 2016. You can see the Dancin’ On The Sidewalk video below, featuring the finest young talent Dubai has to offer. The team also did a fantastic job of raising money for charity, happily donating program and t-shirt proceeds of 7000 AED to the extremely worthy cause, Save The Children. We were pleased to make sponsoring the performance part of CSG’s charity activities, and even more pleased to see them win in such style.

This piece also gives me the opportunity to mention another schools’ initiative CSG is spearheading on a rather more serious topic. As parents we all know that our number one priority is looking after our children – it’s what keeps us up at night, and gets us out of bed in the morning. Knowing they are save and everything is being done to protect them from harm is paramount. Although in some ways the modern world may seem more threatening than that which we grew up in, there are compensations, particularly in the form of technology and connectivity. An excellent example of this is Emergency Notifications in schools. For the uninitiated these are the mobile warning systems that are used to alert children, parents, teachers and staff to dangers ranging from terrorism, fire, natural disaster, and sickness. The objective is to provide a secure channel via which to give instructions to reduce risk, preserve safety and promote peace of mind. An admirable set of objectives, and one we fully support. It’s important that we steer clear of scare-mongering – it’s not fair, helpful, and rarely results in positive outcomes. But we also cannot shirk difficult realities. The issue is the extent to which these technologies can be intercepted and manipulated. It is alarmingly easy to spoof many such systems, meaning that they could be hijacked to do the opposite of their original functions. For all that they can be used to keep students away from danger, they could be subverted by attackers in order to draw them towards it. Like the airbag in your car, it should be better than nothing, but a bad or faulty airbag can have unintended consequences. At CSG we offer a secure, encrypted emergency notification system – it cannot be hacked or spoofed, and cannot be manipulated by attackers. At our commercial rates it is also beyond the budgetary reach of many schools and colleges. But like with our airbag example, we know that no parent wants expense to compromise our children’s safety. Which is why CSG is happy to be offering the system for a nominal price, far below the profit line for us, bringing it within the budget restrictions for educators. We are already in discussion with several schools internationally, and look forward to helping many more. So if you are involved with a school or college as teacher, administrator, governor or parent, and you are interested in this offer, please click here to contact us. No matter what you budget, we would love to see how we can help you ensure peace of mind for everyone within your school’s community. Harvey Boulter, Chairman, Communication Security Group

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