Enable your organization with Cellcrypt’s
secure homeworking package.

Cellcrypt is supporting organizations faced with the security threats and costs of communications for a suddenly remote workforce during the COVID-19 global health emergency by providing Secure Communications for Home Workers – an enterprise ready, rapid deployment of Cellcrypt at an unprecedented discount.


With millions of employees now working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, experts are warning of an imminent new wave of cyberattacks. In the face of these new threats, be they state-led, criminal or industrial espionage, authorities are recommending increased vigilance.  


A major target for cybercriminals are communications between organizations, and their employees, as sensitive one to one and group meetings are replaced by mobile and conference calls and instant messaging becomes a primary method of communication. 

A further risk is that given the mass shift to remote working, is that employees will default to uncontrolled, insecure consumer apps, such as WhatsApp to communicate with colleagues, partners, and customers. This represents an enormous security issue, especially for industries where there are strict regulations governing the control, security, and retention of electronic communications (e.g. HIPAA and FINRA).

In response to this global challenge for every organization, Cellcrypt the pioneers in secure encrypted voice/conference calls and secure instant messaging has put together a Secure Communications for Home Working QuickStart offer to enable the rapid deployment of secure voice calls, conference calls, instant messaging and file transfer with enterprise control and management, at up to 90% of the normal cost of Cellcrypt.

Mobile client apps for iOS and Android devices provide fully encrypted voice and conference calls, instant one-to-one and group messaging and secure file transfers, with no additional hardware requirements. The offer also includes the Cellcrypt Private Switch, which provides virtual or on-premise management of the solutions and allows the enterprise to control all call and message-related data. Finally, Cellcrypts Voice (PBX) Gateway interfaces directly with the office telephone system, so that PBX functions such as internal extension routing, voice mail, etc. can be extended directly to the home. All features are easily integrated into, and reduce strain, on existing architecture, and provide full control of meta-data.

Talk to us today to find out how we can rapidly protect your organization's and your employees' communications with the same Top Secret grade, certified end-to-end encryption for calls, files and messages trusted by Governments and enterprises globally.


Without a secure alternative, your employees will use free consumer messaging apps that offer:

There’s a reason analysts refer to the level of security offered by consumer apps as

“a conversation between two individuals in a public space”.

Cellcrypt Functionality ​

  • Cellcrypt’s mobile and desktop apps offer the highest level of protection for mobile communications across Voice, Message, Conference call and Attachments

  • Protected by Suite B Top Secret grade,  end-to-end encryption: FIPS 140-2 certified and NIAP certified (for Government Classified use)

  • Ephemeral key exchange: no centralized key management

  • Double wrapped encryption with ephemeral key exchange (AES256 + RC4-386 confidentiality/ECC 384 authentication)

  • Carrier and operating system agnostic, working across all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows and Linux, and over cellular, WiFi, landline, and satellite networks


Large numbers of employees working on non-secure networks significantly increases the risk of attacks, including:

  • Hacker attacks, such as fake cell towers/IMSI catchers, network, signaling, and device attacks open up not just data risks, but also wide-ranging impersonation risks

  • Freemium/consumer messaging apps:

    • have significant flaws that make them vulnerable to hackers

    • collect and share a huge amount of users’ behavior, personal information, and meta-data

    • create a shadow IT hidden from the enterprise

    • offer no regulatory compliance, such as auditing

    • no integration with existing IT infrastructure  

Remote Working ​

  • Millions of employees are being advised to work from home

  • Many will be using own devices and working on non-secure networks

  • Your IT security perimeter has suddenly widened exponentially

  • Employees will use consumer messaging apps unless provided a secure alternative

  • VPNs meant for use by a minority of teams are overloaded and underperforming

Additional Functionality ​

  • Full private communication infrastructure (Private switch) – on your premises or in the cloud

  • Voice Gateway enables users to connect mobile with an organization's existing PBX 

  • Regulatory archive add-on module e.g. HIPAA and FINRA

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