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Create Your Own Private Voice, Messaging and
File Transfer Service

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Your Foundation for Ultra-Secure Communications and Metadata Control

Deploy your own sovereign communications network with unparalleled encryption and total control.

In today's world where metadata is as valuable as the content of your conversations, safeguarding your communications means more than just encryption.


The Cellcrypt Server empowers you to establish a completely private communication network with the deployment flexibility to match your needs. Ensure your calls, messages, and the associated metadata remain impenetrable, whether hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Deployment Choice: Choose on-premises installation for maximum control or opt for the scalability and convenience of cloud deployment (AWS or Azure).

  • Metadata Ownership: Unlike typical communication solutions, the Cellcrypt Server grants you complete control and ownership of your metadata, preventing unauthorized access or analysis.

  • Global Reach: Partnered with our Encrypted Content Delivery Network, the Cellcrypt Server facilitates crystal-clear, low-latency communications across the globe, ensuring seamless connectivity wherever you operate.

  • Uncompromising Security: Designed with a zero-trust approach, the Cellcrypt Server minimizes vulnerabilities and thwarts potential breaches.

Cellcrypt Server Features

Key Features:

  • Secure voice calls with superior quality

  • Encrypted messaging and File Transfers

  • Advanced user management and authentication

  • Detailed call logging and auditing

  • Integration with existing IT infrastructure

The Cellcrypt Advantage:

  • Trusted by Governments and Enterprises: Cellcrypt's solutions are certified to meet the needs for both Enterprise and Government organisations.

  • Data Sovereignty: Full ownership of the communications infrastructure guarantees that your data stays within your jurisdiction for legal / regulatory reasons.

  • Total Control: Enterprise IT Control of communications allows for complete control over users, policies and data.

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On-Premises or in the Cloud
The Cellcrypt Private Switch infrastructure can be installed and operated fully on-premises within your data center or can be hosted as a cloud-based solution for reduced infrastructure and running costs.
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