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Create your own private, voice and messaging service

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For complete security and control of your mobile communications

The Private Switch is the core of control for Cellcrypt and is administered via a web-based management console with access restricted to authorized users.


It manages users, call signaling, call control, and media communications; and authenticates and authorizes every interaction within the network.


Cellcrypt Private Switch is designed to be used with the Encrypted Content Delivery Network – a global network of resilient and secure media servers for carrying call and message traffic.


Private Switch Infrastructure
Signaling Server 
  • Handles authentication and call set-up for each client

  • Includes Enterprise Management Portal to manage and control all devices and users on the Cellcrypt network 


Media Server 
  • Routes encrypted packets between two devices involved in the media session. 

  • Media Relays operate outside the Cellcrypt Network and are deployed in multiple locations worldwide to reduce latency in media sessions.

  • The media relays record no user identifiable information or metadata regarding any media session. 

  • Ensures packets are correctly delivered on networks with poor performance.


Enterprise Management Portal (EMP)

  • A web-based account management system for Cellcrypt 

  • Manage profiles, accounts, devices, subscriptions, and aliases

  • At a glance, dashboards and detailed reporting

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On-Premises or in the Cloud
The Cellcrypt Private Switch infrastructure can be installed and operated fully on-premises within your data center or can be hosted as a cloud-based solution for reduced infrastructure and running costs.
Download the Private Switch data sheet
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