Military-Grade Encryption 

for Secure Communications

Unlike consumer-grade alternatives, Cellcrypt provides the strongest, most resilient, multi-layered encryption for secure voice, messaging, and file transfers.


To meet the growing challenge of operating in a Zero-Trust Environment (where it is assumed that the network is compromised), Cellcrypt' provides encryption that meets and exceeds the Suite B cryptographic standard as defined by the NSA (US National Security Agency).

Suite B Cryptography is required for all US Government Classified communications up to and including Top Secret. In addition, the implementation of a NIAP validated architecture is required for communications over the US Government's SIPRnet (Secure Internet Protocol Router Network).


Cellcrypt's cryptography has been twice FIPS validated and exceeds the requirements of Suite B as standard, with NIAP (National Information Assurance Partnership) validated solutions that operate in a NIAP validated architecture.

NIST FIPS 140-2 Validated
Cellcrypt has been twice validated to FIPS 140-2, by the US National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).

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