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Talk Freely, Communicate Securely. 


With Post-Quantum Cryptography combined with classical CNSA encryption, your phone calls, video calls, conference calls, messages, and large file transfers are not just secure - they are Quantum-Safe.

But it's not just about securing your communications; it's about managing them too. Cellcrypt provide unrivalled Enterprise Management capabilities.


Encryption for Secure 


Welcome to Cellcrypt.

Secure today, prepared for tomorrow.

Post-Quantum Protection

Post-Quantum Protection

Quantum computing poses an urgent threat: Data encrypted today can be stolen and stored by adversaries, waiting to be decrypted when quantum computers become powerful enough. This can expose your most sensitive information.


Cellcrypt safeguards your data from future quantum attacks with its advanced Post-Quantum Protection. This ensures your sensitive communications remain secure, even in an era of advanced quantum computing

Quantum computing isn't just a future risk; it's a clear and present danger. Data encrypted today could be vulnerable tomorrow. Cellcrypt's Post-Quantum Protection provides future-proof security, ensuring your confidential information remains protected against emerging quantum threats.

This Hybrid Post Quantum Protections bolsters the security of Cellcrypt's cryptography and safeguards your data from quantum threats, without altering the underlying classical CNSA cryptography.

Certified, End-to-End, CNSA Encryption

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NIAP Common Criteria

Certificate - Server.png
Certificate - Android.png


The Cellcrypt Android Mobile Client v4 is eligible to be used as a Voice and Video over IP component in Commercial Soutions for Classifed (CSfC) Solutions.



Cellcrypt is certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security under the 

Cryptographic Module Validation Program

FIPS 140-2

FIPS Certificate

Cellcrypt is built upon a multi-layered approach to cryptographic security, providing maximum assurance within Zero-Trust Environments, where networks are assumed to be actively compromised.

Adhering to the rigorous standards prescribed by the Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite (CNSA), Cellcrypt enables the safeguarding of Classified Top Secret information, as defined by the National Security Agency (NSA) to protect classified information up to Top Secret.

The cornerstone of Cellcrypt’s security platform is the Cellcrypt Crypto Core, which employs multiple encryption layers to secure data in transit and data at rest.


Incorporating ephemeral key exchange technology, Cellcrypt generates a new key for each individual message, file transfer, or voice call. This systematic process eliminates the need for centralized COMSEC key management, thereby enhancing overall system security.

CNSA Encryption

Cellcrypt Key Features

Secure Messaging
and File Transfer

Need to send a large file (500MB+) securely? No Problem.


Cellcrypt delivers military-grade encryption for private messaging, facilitating the seamless and secure exchange of files and ideas..


Share photos, videos, voice notes and files effortlessly. Each message and file you send is safeguarded by a unique encryption key, providing unparalleled end-to-end security.

Cellcrypt enhances your collaborative efforts by allowing the creation of group chats for private messaging and file sharing directly within the app. These features boost productivity and foster secure, efficient communication within your enterprise.

Cellphone and Tablet running Cellcrypt

Encypted Phone Calls & Video Calls

Cellcrypt Video Call

Cellcrypt delivers encrypted phone calls and video calls.


Calls are safeguarded with end-to-end encryption and signal obfuscation, providing the highest level of security through your mobile device's data connection.

But it's not just about securing your calls; it's about enhancing your communication experience. Cellcrypt's cutting-edge phone call encryption codecs ensure high-definition call quality, optimizing data and battery usage even across the most austere, low-bandwidth, mobile / wireless networks.


With Cellcrypt, flexibility is at the forefront. Our platform supports secure calling over an extensive range of IP-based networks, including WiFi, 5G, 4G/LTE, 3G/HSDPA, 2G/EDGE, WiFi, and satellite networks. Moreover, we prioritize the mutual authentication of all call participants to eliminate any potential risks associated with Caller ID spoofing and Man In The Middle (MITM) attacks.

Secure Conference Calls

Experience the unparalleled simplicity of Secure Conference Calls with Cellcrypt.


Our platform allows the swift establishment of a conference bridge directly from the Cellcrypt app. Simply create a group of contacts and press the call button - it's as straightforward as that.

We've eliminated the hassles of participant PINs and passwords by ensuring that only mutually authenticated, authorized users can join your Cellcrypt conference calls. This not only streamlines the connection process but significantly enhances the security of your meetings.

Moreover, our Cellcrypt Voice Gateway extends these security measures to your physical office space. PBX-connected desk phones and conference phones can seamlessly join a Cellcrypt conference call, and Cellcrypt users can also join PBX-hosted conference calls, bridging the gap between your in-house and remote teams.

Secure Conference Call
Cellcrypt Conference Call
Cellcrypt running on multiple devices

Security For Any Device

Cellcrypt operates seamlessly on any commercial-off-the-shelf phone, tablet, notebook or desktop. This enables users to leverage the full functionality of their chosen device and significantly reduces signature risk compared to dedicated "secure phones".


Cellcrypt client apps are available for iPhone and iPad, Android, and Windows devices. Simply download the application directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play and you're ready to experience the robust security of Cellcrypt immediately.

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Enterprise IT Management and Metadata Control

The NIAP Common Criteria certified Cellcrypt Server offers complete control of users, policies, permissions, and data relating to messaging and calls, ensuring the safety of confidential metadata.


A self-contained, secure communications infrastructure, the Cellcrypt Server includes  NIAP-certified SIP and XMPP Servers and provides signaling, messaging, and secure transport for calls and file transfers. The Cellcrypt Server can be deployed on-premises, multi-cloud (Azure or AWS), or even field deployed on a notebook PC.

Cellcrypt Server
Enterprise Management Portal
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Security, Built-in. 

Military-grade encryption for your own applications.


Cellcrypt opens up its architectural toolbox for you, offering you access to the same FIPS-certified, standards-based cryptography used in our own systems.


Quickly and efficiently build our encryption capabilities into your own applications with Cellcrypt Edge, a  set of encryption algorithms, protocols and tools.

Our flexible offerings range from compact, low-level crypto libraries perfect for IoT, drones, and sensors, to a comprehensive FIPS-certified, NIAP-compliant crypto core. Whatever your needs, Cellcrypt Edge is your key to embedding the highest level of cryptographic security into your systems.

Secure by design, secure by default.

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Trust in your Brand

Strengthen your brand with a secure communications app that's all your own.

Give employees and partners a seamless, branded communication experience that says "security" from the moment they open the app.

Show your commitment to security with a white-labeled Cellcrypt solution.

Invest in the protection your brand deserves. Contact us to explore the power of customized secure communications.

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