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Secure, Encrypted Phone Calls and Conference Calls,
Instant Messaging,
and Large File Transfers

Cellcrypt delivers certified, military-grade, end-to-end encryption for secure phone calls, conference calls, instant messaging, and large file transfers, with Enterprise IT Management and Metadata control.

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Understand the threats to your Mobile Communications

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Certified, CNSA Suite
End-to-end Encryption

Cellcrypt is built on a multi-layered approach to

cryptographic security that provides maximum assurance for communications in Zero-Trust- Environments, where networks are assumed to be proactively compromised.

The Cellcrypt Crypto Core secures data using multiple encryption layers to ensure that communications are between authenticated endpoints and are encrypted end-to-end. Employing an ephemeral key exchange, Cellcrypt ensures that for each message, file transfer, or voice call, a new keyset is generated, negating the need for centralized COMSEC key management.

Cellcrypt for US Classified Networks

Cellcrypt's implementation of the Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite (CNSA) meets or exceeds the standards of protecting information to Top Secret as defined by the NSA (National Security Agency).

The implementation and validation of a National Information Assurance Program administered (NIAP) architecture also meets the standard

for Top Secret communications on the US Government’s SIPRet (Secure Internet Protocol Router Network).

Modern Conference Room
Instant, Secure Conference Calls
Start an encrypted, secure conference call from your device at any time.

Select participants from your phone’s contacts list

Press call and a secure bridge is created, connecting you directly

The other participants get a message to join the call


Secure Instant Messaging

Cellcrypt provides secure instant messaging with the ability to send photos, videos, voice notes, and large files of any kindAll messages and files are end-to-end encrypted with a new key generated for every message or file sent and Cellcrypt’s enhanced Data at Rest encryption protects all files and media stored within the app.

Group messaging for collaboration and file-sharing can be created locally by the user and managed centrally by the organization.


Secure Voice Calls

Cellcrypt voice calls are fully encrypted end-to-end, with signal obfuscation, and are routed through the mobile device’s data connection. Advanced codecs ensure HD quality with low data and battery use, even across low-bandwidth mobile or wireless networks.


Secure calls can be made over any IP-based network, including 5G, 4G/LTE, 3G/HSDPA, 2G/EDGE, WiFi, and satellite networks, with full authentication of all parties on a call, eliminating the risks of impersonation through Caller ID spoofing.

Secure Conference Calls

A conference bridge can be established instantly from the Cellcrypt app by creating a group of contacts and hitting the call button.  With only mutually authenticated, authorized users, Cellcrypt conference calls eliminate the need for participant PINs and passwords.

With the Cellcrypt Voice Gateway, PBX connected desk and conference phones can join a Cellcrypt conference call to connect with Cellcrypt users.

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Cellcrypt apps downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store are limited to a 5 day trial period.

For Any Device

With native client apps for Apple iPhone and iPad, Android and Windows devices, and no hardware dependencies, Cellcrypt can be downloaded from the Apple or Google app stores or from our download page for immediate use.

The ability to work on any commercial-off-the-shelf device allows users to benefit from the full functionality of their device, with reduced signature risk, compared with dedicated "secure phones".

Register today for an extended free trial with support and help.

Enterprise IT Management and Metadata Control

The Cellcrypt Private Switch provides total full IT Management of messaging and calls including users, policies and permissions and safeguards call and messaging related metadata and confidential information. 


self-contained, secure communications infrastructure, the Cellcrypt Private Switch provides signaling, messaging, and secure transport for voice calls, file transfers, and storage and can be deployed on-premises, multi-cloud (Azure or AWS), or even field deployed on a notebook PC.

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Security, Built-in 

Cellcrypt's secure communication suites are built on our Secure Common Data Fabric - an architecture and set of tools and services that provide consistent security capabilities across endpoints, spanning on-premise and multi-cloud environments.

Cellcrypt Assure enables the development of third-party systems and applications with mutual authentication and military-grade, end-to-end encryption for any kind of Data In Motion.

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Trust in your Brand

With a Cellcrypt white-label matched to your brand identity, you can provide your own secure calling, conference calling, and instant messaging app that ensures your employees and partners can easily and securely communicate and collaborate. 


Strengthen your customer relationships with a value-added communications solution that allows them to talk directly to you, without having to worry about security, PINs/passwords, or cost.

Contact us today to see how you can promote security as your organization's absolute priority.